Questions You Need to Ask When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Perhaps you have recently been arrested and are facing criminal charges in Los Angeles? You shouldn’t hesitate to speak to an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. There are hundreds and hundreds of criminal defense attorneys to select from…so how can you understand which one is right for you? Most criminal lawyers offer a free consultation, which is a fantastic way to learn about a lawyer and ascertain if they best suited to handle your case.

Some lawyers will have been practicing law for decades, while some will be fresh out of law school and just getting used to the job. Some customers might be more comfortable hiring an experienced attorney who has established relationships with judges, prosecutors, and investigators and has turned out to be a powerful advocate previously.

Other clients may want to commit their trust and potential in a younger lawyer who’s full of energy and has a limited number of cases. The experience a lawyer has will typically be reflected in their legal fees. A more experienced lawyer may charge a higher speed compared to an lawyer who is still making a name for herself or himself.

How long are you a criminal defense lawyer?

Just because a lawyer has been practicing law for many years does not automatically mean they have spent their whole careers in criminal defense. Many attorneys begin working in various areas as prosecutors, company lawyers, and personal injury lawyers, then transition to criminal defense later in their professions.

If you would prefer to employ a lawyer who has years of experience working as a las vegas criminal defense lawyer, it is important to ask certain questions about their legal background.

How many jury trials have you handled?

If you believe your case can go to trial it is important that you know whether your attorney has some trial expertise. You might find that many attorneys lack considerable experience working before a jury.


This is due to the fact that the majority of misdemeanor cases — and many felony cases — conclude prior to the set trial date. But some lawyers will have no small amount of worker experience and achievement, which is reassuring once you are not inclined to have a plea deal.

How many jury trials have you won?

One of the best ways to get the state prosecutor to the table is by hiring an attorney that they do not want to see in court. When you hire an lawyer who has established a track record of success in the court, a prosecutor will probably be more prone to negotiate the charges (and penalties) on your case.

How many cases have you managed in front of the judge in my situation?

Some attorneys have better relationships and encounters with a few judges, as opposed to others. Find out if the attorney you are speaking with has immediate experience arguing before the estimate that is assigned to your case.

Who else in your workplace will be working on my case?

You may feel entirely confident placing your future in the hands of the attorney you match with. But many law firms use secretaries, paralegals, and less-experienced lawyers to deal with a huge proportion of the cases they manage. You may not want your lawyer to pass off your situation to someone you do not understand and trust.

In the event the attorney you meet with routinely delegates work to other people, you may wish to take into account a smaller firm. In a smaller firm, more of this work will typically be achieved by the attorney you meet with and also a tiny staff. You’ll have to gauge what kind of situation you’ll be comfortable with.

Have you got any experience managing cases like mine?

Many criminal defense attorneys are comfortable handling a specific type of criminal case. Some lawyers may specialize in cases involving national violence, while some will routinely handle cases involving driving under the influence (DUI). Request the lawyer you meet with about any prior experience they have dealing with cases like yours. The more experience they have handling your specific kind of criminal case, the better equipped they are to assist you.

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